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Only licensed users of the Case CATalyst software, with an active Edge for CATalyst Support Plan, may register for and use this site. Your CATalyst PKC (Product Key Code) license is required to register to use this site. Please include the dashes when typing your PKC code.

To locate your PKC do the following:

In CATalyst, click Help, About Case CATalyst.
The PKC will be on the right-side of the About dialog.
The PKC is a 12 character string including dashes. Type the string into the Product Key Code field on this registration page.

The goal of this site is for the CATalyst users community to help each other. Please be respectful and kind. Stenograph does reserve the right to edit post content, or completely remove content. In severe cases, users may be blocked.

To view the full terms and conditions visit the Stenograph terms and conditions page:
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